Central Auto Auction is Connecticut’s First Dealer Auto Auction of the Week
Tuesdays 10:15 am
Fresh Cars…Fresh Buyers!

Central Auto Auction is the nearest independent auction to New York City!

Central Auto Auction of Connecticut is a proud member of the National Auto Auction Association (NAAA), the Independent Auction Group (IAG), and a Blue Ribbon member of the Founders Auto Auction Network (FAAN). Many types of sellers choose Central Auto Auction to sell their vehicles:

Even the U.S. Federal Government (GSA) uses Central Auto Auction as the exclusive auction chosen in all of New England! Central Auto Auction provides AutoCheck, as well as full check and title insurance on every vehicle sold. Central Auto Auction will name its commercial consignors on its $250,000 Financial Performance Guarantee Bond, as well as allow them access and use of AutoIMS. Central Auto Auction is a full service facility offering nationwide vehicle transportation, full recon services, and complete mechanical and body shop services. Call 203-787-CARS (2277) or email info@centralaa.com to get started.